You might cry a tear

There was lightening on the border where your engineer was found
with his love song two lines shorter, now void of both sight and sound.
They say he went on his own that it didn't take much
just the edge in your voice and your soft sweet touch
and though you might cry a tear it's only just to bring me down.

In the downtown, in the cafe where your unknown soldiers crawl,
with your snow white face, you're so passé, taking your curtain call.
You say to be up on top is juts not what it seems
with the world at your feet while you live out your dreams
and you might cry a tear but it's only juts to bring me down.

And on your left side you've got all you need to break your fall.
And to your right stand those who give there all.
And through the darkness you might see beyond the things they lack
but that don't mean you're ever coming back.

I was walking through this nightmare when I came upon your face.
It was there above in the bright glare calling down to me with distain.
I saw the gleam in your eyes, I saw the fire on your stage,
I felt the dead in my heart when you threw it away
and though you might cry a tear it's only just to bring me down.

And you might soothe them but that never seems to last too long
and you might move them with you same sad song.
But that won't keep them as they're waiting for the lights to fade
and perhaps a chance to leave your bed unmade.

But now you say there's a new love in your saddle who can jump and beg and fetch.
For you he'll stand up n any battle with his arms and legs outstretched.
He says he lived by the sword so he can die in your arms
though right now he's not well so you've got him down on your farm
and if you might cry a tear, I know it's only just to bring me down.

© 1985 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved