What are you gonna do?

They’re calling for rain in the city
And the market might even fall too
Someone’s always got an answer
So, what are you gonna do?

Some people work for a living
Others, they live for the blues
We could talk all day about it
But what are you gonna do?

Daddy always said, “I don't know!”
Mommy took more in stride
‘Cause sleeping through your favorite TV show
Can’t hurt you like the things that you hold inside

They used to walk by the ocean
Where seagulls flocked each afternoon
Just pretending it was raining
what are you gonna do?

I try to turn the other cheek, friend
And sometimes take it on the chin
And usually over the weekend
I can catch a second wind

Call me the master of nothing
Call me the floundering Jew
There’s a difference of opinion
So, what are you gonna do?

© 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved