Try again
by Steven Clotzman

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken
So this might seems out of the blue
But I found a poem called “slightly broken”
And it reminded me of you
Sometimes we reach out to a friend
And say, go back and try your luck again

I can see your cigarette still burning
And smell your hair drenched by the rain
I feel that something in me yearning
A something I still can’t explain
We were both so easy too offend
Go back and try my luck again

Turns out that woman in Atlanta
She was far too good for me
Somehow I landed in Havana
And stowed away to New Orleans
If that city’s ever on the mend
I might go back and try my luck again

It all seemed so easy back in our day
Not like the message you now send
I wish I knew another way
To go back and try my luck again

I’m not worth a damn now after midnight
And can’t hold my liquor anymore
I see you under every streetlight
And imagine knocking on your door
You say, “There’s no room at the Inn
Go back and try your luck again.”

I don’t find the TV so enthralling
The man’s got the country under his spell
Is it money talking or duty calling?
It’s hard for me to really tell
When you find a thing you can’t defend
You go back and try your luck again

Last night I went to sleep without you
Woke up this morning feeling blue
I don’t know what it is about you
Or what you wanted me to do
Stand by until the bitter end
Or go back and try my luck again

To be reduced to total strangers
It’s not as cruel as we pretend
I know that truth’s the only danger
So go back and try your luck again.

© 2010 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved