The trial of a fool

"I am as you are, as you were, what you'll be!"
said the sage to the judge as he held out his plea
and on the efforts of knowledge, was brought down, this decree
and the comic just laughed at these of life's luxuries.

To the tide, sat the morning on its earliest bounds
and the once crowded chamber was now dampened with frowns.
Said the sage, "it was not but the truth still unfound
when the soldiers of mercy would not carry me down."

Then the comic was brought forth and placed on the stand
and the prisoner's remarks were now noticed as brand
and the court kept its promise in all its demands
and the questions were subtle like the chains on his hands.

"This life's only struggle has been bound up and lost,"
the comic exploded as he turned and he tossed.
"I had drank from the river but could not make it across,
we are all born to fools out of history's cost!"

"Don't speak out of turn his lawyers advised,
out of darkness is born both the fool and the wise."
And the black and the brown stood unwilling in ties
and the comic kept laughing as they stripped his disguised.

The judge looked away from the comic's delight.
"To philosophize death while the end's near in sight
is not resistant of life," said the judge in the light.
"Don't dwell on your failures 'cause no one's denied."

To the echoes of freedom, the trial did begin.
The judge stood unwary though naked and thin.
He said, "bring forth the criminal whose aim was to win."
And the silence was passed and the fool was brought in.

© 1983 & 2010 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved