'Til I'm satisified
by Steven Clotzman

There’s a certain calm at morning’s first light
But with the trip I’m on it just don’t feel right
I got this restlessness that can’t be tamed
With all those promises still calling out my name
I’m climbing this mountain to the highest mark
Drawn to the light or driven by the dark
And I won’t stop for nothing till I’m satisfied

There’s a girl by the road she’s got the eyes of dawn
But the things I know keep me pushing on
‘Cause the time of day, it can move so fast
That in a moment’s breath you go from first to last
Everybody tells me they can see right through
But don’t talk me about what others can’t do
See, I won’t stop for nothing to till I’m satisfied

Daddy cursed more than he ever strived
He said, “Nobody’s get out of here alive!”
Mama said, “Son, you better make time to pray”
But Lord, I’ll be fighting you all the way!

Hear that thunder in the sky. Well it’s mine alone.
It starts in the heart and shakes through my bones
You can blame it on the Fall and the pain of birth
Or the second coming of the House of Mirth
But I’m not hoping for what others can’t find
And there’s no past for me to leave behind
I just won’t stop for nothing till I’m satisfied . . .
These wheels spinning beyond all control
Just might be the world turning, for I know
But I won’t stop for nothing till I’m satisfied . . .
I won’t stop for nothing till I’m satisfied . . .

© 2008 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved