The naked immigrant
by Steven Clotzman

Take me from this battered ship,
My fate is still at large.
Take from me, my broken dreams,
My past has just been barred.
My head will soon be lifted
From a pain that’s never far.
I come with open hands,
One’s broken, one's just scarred.
I’m just a naked immigrant . . .

Within this restless city
I've been beaten and been crossed.
Beyond its tired reaches,
I've been cheated as its cost.
And all that I have lived for
Has been stolen or been lost.
Open up your gates,
My sense of fear has just been tossed.
I’m just a naked immigrant . . .

I've lived behind the walls
Where all time is found on loan.
I've met with those who've live and died
Both, worthlessly alone.
And through these twisted streets
I've been misled and then disowned.
I'm just a naked immigrant,
My debts are always shown.
I’m just a naked immigrant . . .

© 1983 & 2008 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved