Tears I cried OR duet
by Steven Clotzman

Your face threw off an inspiring glow as I watched you from above,
still unknowing what you might just say or do.
Thinking about yesterday and a long forgotten love,
a broken heart, and those tears I cried for you.

They were chasing back the memories abandoned for all time,
bringing with it a sadness I once knew.
And the hurt, it was awaken in a mixed up state of mind
calling back all those tears I cried for you.

I cried for you and for the love that we had both come to endear.
I cried for you and the things you said when you left me standing here.

Well, those pictures in my mind, they just some how seem so faded
and those nights, they now just seem so few.
But the thing that I just can't forget are all those times I'd waited
with a hope, a dream, and those tears I cried for you.

I cried for you and waited patiently for all we used to be.
I cried for you but it was all in vain and now it's crippled me.

Now the truth, it casts its shadow on a love that I'd once known,
telling me quite profoundly that we're through.
So I'm standing on the roadside where you left me all alone
with nothing but those tears I cried for you

© 1985 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved