by Steven Clotzman

I don’t believe the things I see
I second guess my own doubts
Life isn’t any mystery
It’s just sets of strange bouts
That make me want to feel good
Make me help forget who I am
Make me want to rise up
Make me want to try and understand
It’s probably just the fact that I never seem to sleep
But there’s something in my head I just can’t help but keep
When you smile

I do my best to pretend
it’s nothing but going crazy
Just let it rest, says my friend
By nature, the mind is hazy
But it makes me want to feel good
Makes me want to know who you are
Makes me wants rise up
Makes me wants give you the stars
Foolish as I am I can’t put away these dreams
Foolish as I am nothing’s what it seems
When you smile

I’m not really sure about a damn thing anymore
But somehow that don’t matter when you’re standing at the door
And you smile

I don’t believe the things I see
Not everything is hers and his
Not everything’s a mystery
Sometimes it’s just what it is

© 2012 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved