Sleeping alone together
by Steven Clotzman

I don't really want to sing this song,
it only brings me down.
So many nights we should have spoken
yet remained without a sound.
Now we're sleeping alone together,
on a bed of fear
in a world that seems to never draw us near.

Tonight there are no kisses,
only silent tears
She could share her grief and anger
but none of it I'd hear.
And we're sleeping alone together,
each without a clue
to what it is the other wants us to do.

It's a tragedy of sorts,
she no doubt has her reasons,
for all the times she's moved away
unsure of what she believes in.

I think about it often
as it seizes me in the night,
dying there beside her
without memory or sight.
And we're sleeping alone together,
drifting in the dark
unaware of something that's so stark.

Everything spins 'round my head
as if trying to blind me,
I battle with these questions
but the answers never find me.

I would rather have never heard this song
cause it means I remain at bay.
On the one hand she so helpless
while with the other she pushes away.
Now we're sleeping alone together
though the storm keeps us half-awake
hoping for the moment it might break.

Sleeping alone together
never asking why,
seemingly unable to even try.

Sleeping alone together,
neither knowing when,
waiting for a sign that it will end.

© 1991 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved