Since I set these lonely eyes on you

Maybe life ain’t what it seems
I see others dancing on moonbeams
but that’s nothing that a man like me can do.
‘Cause some things never seem to fail
Like living this hard luck tale
While believing all my dreams can still come true
I give my thanks, pay the bank
Salute the flag at dawn
Though I got no sense or picket fence
Around this crab grass lawn
I should be walking on a summer breeze
Resting my mind at ease
Since I set these lonely eyes on you

Now I could grab a pole to catch a fish
Or close my eyes and make a wish
But neither one ever gets me very far
And if memory’s just a goddamn curse
The only thing that makes it worse
Is believing that it’s somehow in the stars
I do my part, push my cart,
Try to move these wares
But it matters not with the heart you got,
‘Cause you just don’t seem to care
And yet all I ever do is dream
About a sweet romantic scene
Since I set my lonely eyes on you

© 2011 Dry as Bone Music - all rights reserved