A prisoner's release
by Steven Clotzman

As I lay in my cell one night,
I fell deep into sleep.
I dreamt of this man I once knew,
A common lying thief.
I came upon his house
From which he asked me what I lacked.
"You sold me into servitude.
Now, I've come to pay you back."

He spoke to me in a nervous voice,
“Oh understand me, please.
It wasn't like you're thinking,
It wasn't like it seemed.
They told me if I didn't lie
They would put me away too.
This life is all I've ever had,
I had nothing against you.”

“You're right with that," I said to him,
“This life is all you are."
“Then spare it, if you will kind Sir,
Although you've come this far.
I'm nothing but a lying thief,
My one truth is my shame."
"Then spare your life. I will
For now you know your one true name.”

Just then the sheriff came
And he blew that thief away.
He told me that he had a claim,
To what he did not say.
I told him that I didn't care
For why or who's to blame.
He then said, "if you leave right now,
You'll live another day.”

© 1983 & 2010 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved