Poor misguided prostitute (1982 archive version)
by Steven Clotzman

Poor misguided prostitute,
Bound but still unshamed,
Carry down this virgin's death,
Your lust has just been tamed.
On the street where destiny speaks
Louder than your call,
Poor misguided prostitute,
Your poet too will fall.

Poor misguided prostitute,
How can you remain
On your back lying strapped
And naked in the rain?
I have seen through shattered dreams
The future still unfound.
Poor misguided prostitute,
Come lay your burden down.

Vagrants long for empty rooms
Where windows bear no shades.
While life and death they hurry you
From the migrants you have made.
I have waltzed through these ravaged fields
Where these falsehoods stand condoned.
Poor misguided prostitute,
You lay down not alone.

© 1983 & 2010 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved