The outside looking in

If you hear the sound of them footsteps
Mister, don’t be alarmed
‘Cause the things you believe in, they’re not failing.
They’ve just lost a bit of the charm

You say you where we’re going
But do you know where we've been?
It seems the years they are showing
At least, from the outside looking in

Now the trip you laid on us
From the day we were born
I don’t call it a promise, maybe a curse or a sentence
and all of it a bit too well-worn

You know I’ve always been grateful
For the kindness of friends
But the silence seems fateful
From the outside looking in

I think we both should get going
If we’re going. . to go
Some ‘cause some things aren’t worth knowing
Just to know. . . just to know

Now the cow’s in the kitchen
And the horse is in bed
And the chickens are itching to get even
for what’s scrabbled up in their heads

I’d like to finish the story
just tell me where to begin
I see no truth or glory
from the outside looking in

If this isn’t a good time
Could you please tell me when
Either way I don’t mind

© 2012 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved