The only game in town

I was walking in the rain feeling no pain
Just talking in the city lights and sounds
But it’s when everything’s fine that you came mind
And again I get all turned around
So I stop into Betty’s to have a drink or two
Even though she’s a little too ready to tell me what I should do
Though what she can say, “We’ve all had better days.
Now pick yourself up off the ground!”
But when I alone, it’s the place I call home
And tonight the only game in town

It’s like an age old tale of a ship that’s sailed
While the old sailor dreams of the sea.
And as the years roll by, I don’t know why
I’ll still dream of you, baby, and me
Betty says, hey Buddy, I think it’s time to cut you off
It’s not that your mind’s so muddy but you really should take care of that cough
It’s a sad pretense, makes no sense
Why anyone would get lost to be found
And if I only had a dime for each and every time
I’ve lost the only game in town

© 2011 Dry as Bone Music - all rights reserved