One kiss at a time
by Steven Clotzman

I'm sleeping on a bed of nails
Wishing I could cross a line
But your image prevails
One kiss at a time

I should have known that was impatience not vigor
But who has the presence of mind
When measuring the back of your figure
One kiss at a time

Mama said, be careful child
Life’s rollercoaster’s wild
And it can end just as fast as it started
The sweetest gifts aren’t loud
Material or proud
True love won’t find the lionhearted

Maybe nothing in this world’s worth defending
Especially, a partner in crime
I’m traveling a road without ending
One kiss at a time

So many unmatched cures and diseases
My only real friend is the wine
I can’t pick up the pieces
One kiss at a time

You prefer life undercover
Don’t want my kind of lover
You want it fast and furious and blind
I’d like to wake up fresh one day
Throw the memory away
But then no one ever said you were kind

There’s a lot of ways to show a man pity
That’s something that you said I would find
I see you’re still sitting pretty
One kiss at a time

© 2006 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved