An old man's heart
by Steven Clotzman

It’s a young man’s business and it’s here to stay
With firm resistance to any touch of gray
So take your silence put it with your fear
Find a corner where no one will watch you disappear
There’s a time for fortune and a time for fame
But further on you’ll see that they don’t mean a thing
You can put the world in a young man’s hand
But it takes an old man’s heart to understand.

When I feel troubled by the morning star
Or start seeing double I still pick up this guitar
Or maybe call up Eddie and ask him how he’s been
And he’ll say he’s ready to throw caution to the wind
And all the nurses smile when he flirts
Though it takes him down a notch when they call him “Sir”
It’ll take young man’s strength to put Eddie on the mend
And an old heart to call him friend

Now I don’t doubt that you’ll someday see
All the things I thought would never conquer me
And there are times when I could scream or shout
But a young man’s dreams are all folks seem care about
But like Eddie always says, "to hell with them!"
At least we know now where faith begins and ends
And the city’s moving, far and away
And this old man’s heart is here to stay

It’s a young man’s picture staring down at me
And age old story of someone longing to be free
It’s all black and white in a Technicolor dream
Where there’s no room for anyone who’s in between
They make time for sorrow in the early morn
And by tomorrow they think they’ve been reborn
It’s a young girl’s voice in the early spring
But an old man’s heart that wants to sing

It’s a young man’s answer high above the fray
To an old man’s question that just won’t go away
It’s a world turning quickly on its heels
Where the prisoner’s yearning for that one last meal
I called up Eddie to ask him how he’s been
They said "we’re sorry but we lost your only friend"
It takes young man’s foolishness to try and touch the sky
And an old man’s heart to say goodbye

So take your silence wrap it in your fears
Go sit in the corner where no one will watch you disappear
It’s takes a young man’s promise to do the best he can
And an old man’s heart to understand

© 2010 Dry as a bone Music, LLC - all rights reserved