The old man in the way
by Steven Clotzman

Old man, get out the way
Cops are coming and they won’t be swayed
All I want’s what I came for
And I’ll be heading right out that door
You seem like the kind of man
Who probably wouldn’t understand
But I’ve seen things you’ll never know
And this thirty-eight ain’t just for show
Now everybody’s got the right
To stand their stand ground and even fight
Fine for you but I can’t stay
So old man, won’t you get out the way?

Old man, get out the way
Save your dying for another day
We all got choices but mine are few
And I don’t know what else to do
My friend Jim was full of faith
But didn’t know shit about cracking safes
I’m still paying for what he done
When he blew that bank to kingdom come
Now some things linger without fail
And I’m going back to jail
So hand it over, my rightful pay
Then old man, just get out the way

Pride can cloud the minds of men
Don’t do nothing stupid, friend
And I don’t mean you any harm
Why’d you pull that damn alarm?

I don’t know what you’ve been through
Maybe you’ve had troubles too
The only place where I belong
Is maybe in some Tom Waits song

Old man, get out the way
The nights alone are just like they say
Don’t you reach into that drawer!
What’d you have to do that for?
Last night I had the same old dream
Daddy came by drunk and mean
Kicked me out and beat on Ma
And that ain’t even the worst I saw
I’m feeling faint, it’s getting cold
I can’t do what I’ve been told
And if we’ll meet again someday
So old man, won’t you get out the way?

© 2007 & 2008 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved