More than anyone
by Steven Clotzman

Driving east 'cross Pennsylvania
Thinking about the words that set me free
You slammed the door, can’t say I blame you
Johnstown isn’t what it used to be
That headache was really getting old girl
And the hourglass was running out of sand
Don’t ask me why it’s such a cold world
That’s more than anyone can understand

The bridge into Camden New Jersey
Reminds me of our game of truth or dare
And all that the Sisters of Mercy
Said would happen if I didn’t say my prayers
Why can’t I shake this obsession?
It’s like the dog and I’m the mailman
Though I’m beginning to get the impression
That it’s more than anyone can understand

I rise each day just to grapple
With the fact that the car out front is his
Order eggs over easy, side of scrapple
Though I’m still not sure exactly what it is
He rolls the dice: lucky seven!
While no one will deal me another hand
Why a man would take hell over heaven
Well, that’s more than anyone can understand

© 2004 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved