Miles of blue
by Steven Clotzman

You caught me off guard at the Denny’s
In Needles on our way to San Ber-doo
You went into the ladies room
I went chasing miles of blue

As far as a quarter tank might take me
I drove down the highway with no clue
Rolling to a stop
I was chasing miles of blue

Say you want about the way that I should have reacted
But your mind seemed made up and there wasn’t much else I could do

Now I stumble in the night without purpose
Blinded by headlights and moon
Always ten minutes from nowhere and
Chasing miles of blue

This bar has it’s own way about it
All of the drunks are tried and true
They keep me on the straight and narrow
While I’m chasing miles of blue

You were right to suggest there were problems
But you were wrong to dismiss my point of view
And it all adds up to nothing
But chasing miles of blue

The road I’ve traveled, it winds and turns like your loving
Where my heart, it unravels under open sky, don’t you feel it too?

I might slip back into the desert
Forgotten like so many chosen few
Trying to make you happy was
Like chasing miles of blue

The songs on the jukebox remind me
I’m far from the things I thought I’d do
But all’s I have’s a twenty
And I’m chasing miles of blue

See that woman, she just asked where I’m headed
I showed her the photograph of you
She said, you’re killing yourself slowly
I said, no, I’m just chasing miles of blue

The weatherman says the mercury could hit record numbers
So why am I shivering like a man with a December flu?

I could hitchhike my way to Barstow
But the cars that stop in East Amboy, they’re so few
What would it really matter?
I’ll still chase miles of blue?

© 2004 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved