Maybe someday soon
by Steven Clotzman

Last night I had that dream
Like the one I might have mentioned
You know it’s like I have a penchant
For this sort of thing
All the people that I’ve loved
Through the days that I have squandered
Over roads that I have wandered
Come to hear me sing
Now in this dream I have found
My voice makes no sound
As I slip beyond reach
Of this tune to my doom
But they just kiss me one by one
And I feel as if washed over
And they tell me I’ll be sober
Maybe someday soon

Sometimes I’m drifting through the clouds
Others times my feet are planted
And I try not to be enchanted
For my own damn good
Still every now and then I’m moved
By the thought of certain faces
And if I could back to those places
Well, you know I would
Now there’s a tear in this scene
Where they fall in between
And again I’m alone
In this tomb called my room
And then a tear comes to my eye
As I hear a whisper say
And if we don’t make it back today
Then maybe someday soon
Maybe someday soon
Maybe someday soon

© 2008 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved