King of fools
by Steven Clotzman

Ronnie asked about the weekend
But I still don't know just what I did
I guess, figuratively speaking
You might say I hit the skids
Black ice on the road to nowhere
I saw life flash before my eyes
Angels offered me a low fare
And still you cut me down to size
Once upon a time, I loved you
Played by all your silly rules
You were once the queen of my heart
But now I’m just the king of fools

I went home, opened a bottle
But it didn’t last too long
Stereo was on full throttle
Hearing all our favorite songs
Charlie Parker makes me crazy
Johnny Cash brings to my knees
Like the thought of bringing you those daisies
‘Cause carnations always made you sneeze
Once upon a time the neighbors
Thought that all our sounds were cool
You were then the queen of my heart
But now I’m just the king of fools

Down and out, you called me,
Some things aren’t fair
King of fools, enthrall me
With your reign of error!

Down and out, you told 'em,
The world’s not fair
Got to know to fold them
If you don’t even have a pair

Woke up early the next morning
My head seemed like it might explode
Searching for some sign of warning
I was hoping I might break the code
Couldn’t find an explanation
So instead I opted just to wallow
It's served up all across the nation
Trick is to not choke or swallow
Once upon a time--forget it!
Like you said, those days are through
You are now the queen of nothing
So why am I still the king of fools?

© 2004 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved