Jellyroll rag or Jellyroll shuffle
by Steven Clotzman

Grab hold of my jellyroll
Life’s short, we can’t move too slow
I’ll take care of all you need to know
Don’t act surprised
You say I just want to tip your scale
Or take my hammer and hit it on your nail
Well, take a look at what’s in my lunch pale
You won’t believe your eyes
It’s the thing to do
Who knows, you might like it too
So take care baby, have some my jellyroll

You say we can’t just do the things we please
Or we’ll be acting like the birds and bees
You got more questions than Socrates
Now, don’t throw a fit.
I like the way that you spread your wings
And wear your hair like old Hop Sing
I really think you could do doing anything
If you put your mind to it
So hold out your hand
You don’t need no wedding band
All you need is a piece of my jellyroll

It’s not simple to remake the world
Once nature has been unfurled
And there’s a lot of ways to thank a girl for trying
But you know me, I’m the type to throw
Away a chance to take you to and fro
I mean it when I tell you “don’t let go!”
I’m not lying About my jellyroll.

It’s fresh and mighty sweet
I think you’ll find it quite a treat
It’s got a taste that can’t be beat,
The jelly inside is soft
I think the others have you misled
You’ve got the power to awake the dead
But just remember like old Charlie said
I don’t want my jelly falling off.

You say I got you all turned around
But did I ever say that up was down
Or try to make a smile a frown?
Now, look what you done
The Good Book was once all you had
To tell the difference between good and bad
But think about your mom and dad
They must have had some fun
And when the prophets return
You can show ‘em all what you’ve learned
Meanwhile honey, hang on to my jellyroll
Yeah, I said what you heard
Now tell me baby am I in the Word
When I say to you, hold on to my jellyroll

© 2004 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved