Idle vanity
by Steven Clotzman

You know I’m tired of hearing what is meant to be
Or being asked to thank the gods for what they do for me
Everybody’s got a right to whine
So drink on up while you’ve still got time
The only crime is this idle vanity

You say if you’re looking for a way beyond the throng
When then what I have to say, I’m guessing you will think is wrong
If all really you want is to be free
Of empty promises of what can be
Try to see beyond this idle vanity

Is it possible to measure the implications? Well, here’s the twist
And Is it possible to treasure what don’t exist?

Now to me it doesn’t make a lot of sense
Feeling kind of cornered, with my back’s against the fence
Fifty dollars for a tank of gas
Take the profits, shove it up your ass!
It’s not as crass as this idle vanity

Don’t tell me that life is just a joke
‘Cause where’s fire there is probably smoke
Try not choke on your idle vanity


© 2012 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved