Humming along with you

Thinking ‘bout last summer
And all my unfinished blues
But now I’m marching to a different drummer
Humming along with you

Yesterday’s all so hazy
Tomorrow’s clear as blue
I’m not getting fat, dumb or lazy
I’m just humming along with you

T’was in the midst of a bender singing Love me Tender
My friends ordered porter and stout
I took the Holy Grail filled with Pale Ale
Now I’m screaming Twist and Shout

Can’t explain the feeling
When every kiss is true
I may be no Dylan but I’m always ready and willing
When humming along with you

Now the Christians and the Muslims
And don’t forget the Jews
It seems they agree when it comes to me
But I’m humming along with you

You can love me in the morning,
the evening or the afternoon
‘Cause there’s no Surgeon General’s warning
For humming along with you

I was talking to Dina, she’s just back from China
On her way to Pittsburg PA
But I no longer dwell on heaven or hell
Or the ones who got away

Hear them bells a tolling
I’m standing in my best shoes
They may be rock-n-rolling from Atlanta to Poland
But I’m humming along with you

They may be moving and shaking from Warsaw to Macon
But I’m humming along with you

© 2011 Dry as Bone Music - all rights reserved