Howling at the moon

I was minding my own business, nothing much to say
When I met this little princess, perfect in every way
Now I know that sounds quite silly and probably should have been a clue
When she took a hold of Willie and left me howling at the moon

Daddy needed money, and overlooked one fact
Ma said, “Don’t you worry, Honey, ‘cause the bankers got your back!”
He climbed a stack of papers like a big drunken baboon.
Made him sign on the dotted line and left him howling at the moon

They say look both ways when crossing, keep your money in your shoe
Stay off of the sauce and know the things that you can’t do
And when promises come calling don’t think that you’re immune
‘Cause in a moment’s time they will rob you blind and leave you howling at the moon

Princess went on a mission to learn what life’s about
She studied this condition from the inside and the out
She wrote all that you desire means you’ve got pay our dues
She monogramed the book, “for all you schnooks still howling at the moon”

When Daddy’s gets that itchin’ down in his underpants
Mama starts a’bitchin’ and he knows he has no chance
Now I’m reading old love letters while I’m whistling this tune
You might think you’re doing better but you’re just just howling at the moon

© 2011 Dry as Bone Music - all rights reserved