Hawaiian Blue

This dreaming dreams long behind me
Has me red in the face over you
I don’t need any help to remind me
That I’m still Hawaiian blue

Under gray skies in the city
Rain will drop like the other shoe
Where everyone’s sitting so pretty
And I’m feeling so Hawaiian blue

My soul's a lost love weeping
My heart’s a little worn and frayed
I know I sowed the seeds that I’m reaping
Now that I’m so faraway

I get up every morning
Just to realize what I can’t do
Cold reason should always be enough warning
So why am I Hawaiian blue?

Now let me tell you a story
About a man so green, there’s no doubt it’s true
He went off seeking fortune and glory
But only found Hawaiian blue

He sailed the widest ocean
In the shadow of his yesterday
And nobody has any notion
How he got so faraway

They say California lemons are so yellow
And Florida has an orange or two
You know, I once was the peachiest fellow
Till I turned Hawaiian blue

Oh, why am I so Hawaiian blue?

© 2011 Dry as Bone Music - all rights reserved