Got himself a gun
by Steven Clotzman

A car passes by with a heavy bass beat,
so he got himself a gun.
They whistled at his sister at the sight of her bare feet,
so he got himself a gun.
The boy said something that wasn't very nice,
so he got himself a gun.
He may have said it once but he'll dare not say it twice
'cause he got himself a gun.
He standing on the curb holding down his turf.
He may not know it yet, but he's about to be unearthed.
Everyone says it makes him what he's worth,
so he got himself a gun.

He hears the shots ringing out across the school yard,
so he got himself a gun.
He has to watch out for the slow passing cars
since he got himself gun.
His mama tells him "son, sometimes you just gotta turn away,"
still he got himself a gun,"
'cause it ain't worth dying over the words people say,"
but he got himself a gun
He living in a world that's about explode
where the comedy and can tragedy together unfold
and piece of security is easily bought and sold,
so he got himself a gun.

Now the voices in his head they might steer him wrong
if bring him to ask what he's doing.
Because no one can convince him any other way
that it's going to lead to his ruin.

He feeling pretty nervous, hears sounds in the night,
so he got himself a gun.
He was sure someone was stalking him and do him harm, they might,
so he got himself a gun.
Armed with intuition he hit something without tryin'
Now his baby sister's dead and mama always cryin'
Well accidents can happen, this time it did occur,
'cause the darkness can play tricks on one, when their fear is being stirred.
Still how he's gonna live with this no one's really sure
but he's got himself a gun.

It's just life on the streets the newspapers say
and nobody knows it better
than when he's in that cell fulfilling his stay
just awaiting a card or letter.

When he got on a Sunday, looking clean shaven and neat,
should've got himself a gun.
By Monday afternoon he was back on the street,
should've got himself a gun.
Being questioned about his loyalties by some kid on a bike
who got himself a gun,
and before he could answer, there came a flash of light,
should've got himself a gun.
He didn't feel a thing, as he hit the solid earth.
No one try to help him cause it would have made it worse.
And somewhere across town another's braggin of his worth
since he got himself a gun.

© 1991 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved