God bless our child OR acoustic version
by Steven Clotzman

See that sun on the horizon
It always knows where it belongs
I catch a glimpse of it rising
But I can’t watch it for too long
It gets me feeling kind of riled
God bless our child

It’s not the way I would have planned it
In fact, it’s something that I dread
Living like some sort of bandit
With a price upon my head
So it might sound a little vile
But God bless our child

I know that I won’t ever know him
And I’m the only one to blame
I send this money just to show him
Though it’s really not the same
Prayers ain’t nothing but expressed fears
And that’s just not part of my style
I’ll try to write you soon again, Dear
God bless our child

I had a chance to visit mother
Before she died inside the home
I asked if she could take me with her
But she’s not sure where I’ll be going
Still I might get there after while
God bless our child

Yeah, I’m still drinking and I’m smoking
And now and then a little dope
But that’s not really why I’m choking
Still, it’s not the way to cope
I still remember all you gave me
It haunts me each and every mile
I’m too far-gone for Him save me
But God bless our child

I’m doing battle with a daydream
I drive up in a brand new car
My head seems clearer than it’s ever been
I see him playing in the yard
He’s got your eyes, your hair, your smile . . .

© 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved