Dry as a bone
by Steven Clotzman

Beyond those mountains they say there’s a land of plenty
Maybe so but that’s not the destination for me
‘Cause the road I’m traveling doesn’t even have its own name
Some call it ‘denial,” others know it simply as “pain”
I’d say I’m sorry but what good would that really do
And who, anyway, would I say it to?
The rain’s been falling ever since you left me alone
I’m all dripping wet but in my heart I’m dry as a bone

One bottle of wine and two more bottles of beer
I should be praying to God to get me the hell out of here
But the eyes in the mirror don’t believe in things they can’t see
And tomorrow won’t bring more than yesterday has to me
They say money alone can’t buy the greatest of joys
And I can swear by this hunger that’s not just a ploy
It defies all reason why I still sit by the phone
Drunk as a skunk and in my heart dry as bone

Wasted time, wasted dreams
Wasted for the worst
You let me drink from your loving cup
Now nothing seems to quench this thirst

My mind’s a desert and you were a flower in spring
Till the summer sun came and left me with one song to sing
And I would accept it but that would mean letting it go
And frankly, my dear, it’s now the only you that I know.
I’ve wondered and wandered under the shadow of loss
Without the good sense to measure the cost.
It’s like I’m down in a well, tied to the heaviest stone
In twenty feet of water but in my heart dry as a bone

© 2006 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved