Don't cry
by Steven Clotzman

Don’t cry, because it’s over
It’s only a song, tomorrow we’ll sing it again.
Don’t cry, we’ll soon be sober
The night’s not between us, it’s just everyday has an end
You say it’s always the same, they fumble your name
Tell you what you want to hear
And by the light of the sun they're long gone out of here
Though what once was taboo is no big to do
I never play on the sly
I’ll stay if you want, but please . . . oh please don’t you cry

Don’t cry, my heart’s not hardened
There are just things on my mind that have nothing to do with you
You ask why? Well, I beg your pardon
But must I explain everything that I think or do
There’s no voice on the phone, it’s just a dial tone
It makes you uneasy, you say,
Why I don’t sing you those songs like the good old days
“You know the rhyme, where everything’s fine
Yet the woman just sits there and sighs”
Give me a chance to tune up, but please, just don’t cry





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