David mourns Absalom (guitar version)
by Steven Clotzman

King David, he was plagued
with a sadness beyond his power,
in search of peace of mind
he climbed up the watchtower.
To cast his gaze afar,
he looked out towards the horizon,
saw a traveler approaching
as the sun, it was a'rising.

In a few moments passing
the man to David reached,
he got down on his knees
to kiss his hands and feet.
He then raised his head up slowly
with a letter that would stun,
sealed with seven seals
from Absalom, his son.

Receiving it he was glad,
though reading it soon made him sad.
He sent that man away then
since there was nothing more to add.
"Oh, come dear wife," he called
"for already day's now done.
For they have killed your little one,
your Absalom, your son"

"Oh come my daughter," David called
"now widowed under the sun
put on your gown of black," he said
"for they've slain your dear husband"
Oh come to me grandchildren,
orphaned now to dread
the pain of loss, and life itself,
for your father, he is dead."

"Oh come thy servants, everyone!,
a day of mourning's come
for they have killed your master fine,
your master Absalom"

Adapted from a Ladino romance (see The Sephardic Tradition by Moshe Lazar, Norton, 1972)

© 1993 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved