Daughter of the seven seas

There’s a girl who drifts so freely
Says there’s no other way
And if you know her you’ll believe me
When I say I’m now a castaway

She a brown-eyed little sailor
Doesn’t even hear my pleas
And the stars above never failed her
She’s the daughter of the seven seas

Now the captain tells the story
Of how she put him to the test
Her bow is stern but when her stern, it bowed
left him longing for her treasure chest

She’s like a man-o-war, I tell you
Paralyze you with such ease
And if you wonder what befell you
It’s the daughter of the seven seas

So now I’m fishing for a port in any storm
While she leaves the pirates wishing they were never born

You know sometimes I get the notion
to search for her once more
But her love is like an ocean
And my heart is just the shore

I’m a cocked eyed stupid sailor
Everybody here agrees
Ask the rummies or the whalers
about the daughter of the seven seas

She’s a wistful little sailor
Moves with the salty breeze
Might as well just hail her
As the daughter of the seven seas

© 2012 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved