Charles A. Siringo

Charles A. Siringo was a man of liberty.
They said he did love justice, so he hated anarchy.
He was a man from Texas, sworn unto the law.
He walked around Chicago town just hating what he saw.
He said the fight for freedom was a cause that must be won,
So Charles A. Siringo, he became a Pinkerton.

Charles A. Siringo was a cowboy detective.
Working for the owners was the life he chose to live.
Running 'round the country with the other Pinkertons,
Breaking strikes and breaking heads from Wyoming to Boston.
And when the truth would reach him, it was oh so hard to tell.
Charles A. Siringo, his soul was bound for hell.

Charles A. Siringo worked for twenty-two long years
In employment of the Pinkertons, spreading terror and fear.
And when his time was over, he thought about his tales
Of Pinkerton bribery, corruption, and blackmail.
So he came to write about these crimes up to his end,
But Charles A. Siringo, he would not repent his sins.

© 1983 & 2008 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved