Changing minds

She only to sees me when I’m gone
And only writes me when I’m wrong
Now the situation’s just a waste of time
An alliteration of a changing mind

Who put that smile on her face
To leave me here without trace?
And this laceration seemingly unkind
Is a simple explanation for a changing mind

Don’t look for words ‘cause there ain't nothing you can say
nor fight the moment ‘cause the girl’s so yesterday
And when you find yourself alone without a friend
Try not to cling to things that might have been

Only a fool would want to know
What makes her tick but never blow
Make a good impression, add a twist of lime
But don’t expect discretion with a changing mind

So forget those aspirations, just throw them all away
‘Cause the broken hearted only live for yesterday
To suffer silently, alone without a friend
While clinging to the things that might have been

© 2012 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved