Call it through

Call it first impressions, call me one damn fool
Say I’ve a lesson they don’t teach you ‘bout in school
It’s a crazy little feeling to realize you’re done
Though with the days and nights as one big blur, in a way you’ve kind of won
Call it a big misunderstanding,
The result of false gods worshipped, too.
Or call it through
Call it through

Call it one lost weekend, a need to find my own
But that won’t satisfy the fact I’m leaving here alone
And the things that no one talks about always lurking near
Well, they’ve stripped me of all faith, my friend, but at least I’ve got my fear
Call it something once believed in
Or maybe just something to do
Or call it through
Call it through

Call it one good effort suddenly out of style
A game of all or nothing where a miss is like a mile
There’s a difference of opinion as to which is more absurd
To say it’s all behind me now or to dwell on every word

There’s a light drizzle falling, the freeway’s stop and go
But it would take the flood to wash away the things I’ve come to know
So call me superstitious but the luck’s run out, my friend
You don’t always have to stick around to know things will end.
Some like to speak of second chances
They call it providence renewed
I call it through
Call it through
Call it through
Call it through

© 2006 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved