Bridge on fire OR alternate version

Like a bridge on fire, I can’t get through to you.
We’re both so tired, there’s no telling what to do.
The waters down below are rushing so fast
Don’t you ever wonder how much longer this can last?
It’s a crazy situation when love worships at the feet of desire
Like a bridge on fire

I know I could have helped you to the other side
And I probably would’ve if not for a foolish pride
It’s a two way street, everyone agrees
But no one’s really willing to do more that they please.
It’s a broken line that separates the righteous from the out and out liars
On this bridge on fire

I’ve heard it called a weakness, what I’m trying to reclaim
That compromise ain’t nothing but a losing game
They say, standing your ground is fine and well
Unless the ground you’re standing is a living hell

It’s a world of talk without having much to say
Can’t even agree on what it means to meet half way
Sorry is a nice word but it doesn’t change the facts
Some things that get said, you just can’t take back
I swear every now and then it seems the world’s one big funeral pyre
Or at least a bridge on fire

I turn on the TV to set my mind at ease
But the things that pass for sport just brings me to my knees
They kick around the truth, all to one end,
Even keeping score in a game we can’t win.

It’s like smoke and the flame are all I see in front of me
And who’s to blame we’re never likely to agree
We’d all like it to be different, maybe make a new start
We can’t be together but were never apart
But it’s nothing you don’t know, in fact, I’m really just preaching to the choir
We got a bridge on fire

© 2006 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved