I’m sitting at home, minding my own
By some standard I’m still alive
The satellite's strong, but there’s nothing on
So I get in the car and I drive
There’s a three-alarm fire down at a bar called “The Catch”
“The President is a liar,” says the girl holding the match
I asked her out to the show—well, you never know—
I said, you won’t believe these seats
She said, it's not what I do but OK, I'll take two
That’s what I call bittersweet

That movie star’s hot; just look what he’s got
A story that’s never been told
A house on the hill, a wife dressed to kill
His friends, they ain't ugly or old
He makes a striking impression as the light falls on his face
And for one slight indiscretion suddenly he falls from grace
Now the lawyers get fat, his wife gets the cat,
And he longs for the world at his feet
But tomorrow some hack will write his mighty comeback
And title it, bittersweet

Someday, I’ll be a winner,
Beat the odds at the track.
Every night, a steak dinner,
At least until my next heart attack

It’s a roll of the dice with no time to think twice
About the hero you’d just love to meet
Besides it's always the same, they barely scribble your name
It's what I call, bittersweet

A friend of mine says, we’re better off dead
Than dwelling on days that have passed
‘Cause you never know when, a good thing might end
And you gotta sober up fast
He had a woman in Gary; she was a steelworker’s dream
When they shut down the mill, it was scary, nothing’s as strong as it seems
He said "I love you and need you but I can’t mislead you
We’re broke and there’s nothing to eat."
She said "you’ve misunderstood, your money’s never been good"
That’s what I call bittersweet

If beggars can’t be choosers,
How do we beat this rap?
Humility's for losers
Did the great Ted Williams ever tip his cap?

They got men on the moon humming Schoenberg tunes
When there are still folks who can’t keep a beat
But ironic’s a word that I find absurd
I prefer bittersweet

I said it’s been quite a while to the girl with the smile
The other day out on the street
Man, she sure had a way with “let’s call it a day”
That’s what I call bittersweet

It was just like they said, the Lord he seemed dead
When came a miraculous feat;
He said, OK, you’ve atoned, now leave me alone,
That’s what I call bittersweet

© 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved