Baghdad City Limits

Can’t resist the coming age
It’s in the Bible, I forget which page
Place it deep inside your heart
It’s that which sets us all apart
Everything went perfectly as planned
Till the enemy, they just vanished in the sand
Now I’m hunkered down and things look worse than bad
Deep inside the city of Baghdad

Where I come from’s like night and day
A little east of East LA
My girlfriend sends me lots of notes
I love yous, inspiring quotes
False gods are placing bets all over town
You know that I would hate to let them down
But survival isn’t something ironclad
Anywhere in the city of Baghdad

Leaders come and leaders go
But where? Is something I don’t know
A place they celebrate the dread
Without having to count the dead
Something tells them this time could be it
But all that talk of courage don’t mean shit
I just have no plans to leave my mama sad
By dying here in the city of Baghdad

It’s bittersweet like all true knowledge
This thing I do to pay for college
See the world, feel it turn
Live the lies we’ve come to learn
Talk to those who manufacture dreams
The best-laid plans aren’t always what they seem
I know it sounds as if I’m going mad
Holding on to the city of Baghdad

Now, I don’t care what people say
I’m just trying to live another day
Call it purpose; call it drive
I’m going to kill to stay alive
Ghosts of men are hovering over me
They’re begging for a chance to set me free
But hopes and dreams are just a passing fad
Out here in the city of Baghdad

© 2004 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved