All over you

You know I’m not the type to sit and dwell
And what tomorrow brings is hard to tell
Yet, it’s all I do?
When I should be all over you

Last night I didn’t get a drop of sleep
And passed the hours with a flock of sheep
But the dream is through
And I should be all over you

The sky’s so cloudy but I can’t make it rain
The bar’s so rowdy, best watch what I sing

It makes no sense to say what’s meant to be
Let alone to ask the gods, “why me?”
Though I’ve tried that too
And they said I should be all over you

You say you’re not just out for number one
Still a girl’s got to have some fun
But for what you do
I should be all over you

My mind so clouded, don’t what to think
The bar so crowded, can’t even get a drink

After hours when the place clears out
And there’s so much I still can’t figure out
One thing is true
I should be all over you

© 2011 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved