All in my head

My wife said Fred
I think we’d both be better off
if you were now dead
But my name is Ed
See, it’s all in my head

It’s oh so tragic
The doctor’s on his way
he’s going to work his magic
But it’s nothing I dread
It’s all in my head

Reality's a curse, I'll say it again
Me, myself, and I are my only friends
We understand our moods
and if we had our druthers
We’d do all that we could
to take good care of one another

They released me yesterday
But I had to promise all these things
I wouldn’t do or say
I can’t even share what I’ve read
See, it’s all in my head

I went into a church
They said they had the answer
to what’s left me in the lurch
See, I’ve been misled
And it’s all in my head

The fire down below
Is God’s simple way of just letting me know
There’s much more to dread
That’s not in my head

If I focus my attention on the real love
I find that I’ve been blessed
by the angels up above
If I try real hard they might even appear
If the offer’s good,
maybe they’ll get me out of here

But they just said, get lost
Or else they’d have no choice
but make me bear the cost
Was it something I said?
Or all in my head

The money I owe
I can’t for the life of me
tell you where it goes
It’s like I’m being bled
And most likely all in my head

I can’t sleep at night
I got monsters of men
telling me things are all right
They’re under my bed
But it’s all in head

People look at me like I’m ready to snap
They threaten me with harm,
shout, “mister, shut my trap!”
I know they’d like it better
if I vanished with the breeze
I’m not saying that I blame them,
but there is a word called “please!”

This world seems so cruel
Too bad there’s nothing
that a guy like me can do
At least, I’m well fed
And it’s all in my head

© 2004 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved