Yodel blues
by Steven Clotzman

When I was a little boy
My mama took me on her knee
Said I wish that I knew the secret son
Around this life of misery
This world is so big and hungry
It could very well swallow you whole
So stay away from drink, bathe when you stink,
And always make time to yodel
Yodel. . . .

Well, I hit the road at seventeen
About as soon as I learned to read
Hitched a ride to old New Orleans
That’s where they drafted me
Ended up in merry old England
Longing for the folks back home
Now maybe it’s me but see, my cup of tea
Has really just a cup of black Joe
Yodel . . .

Well, the general’s girl was like a deck of cards,
Tempting and pretty well stacked
And if I could, well you know I would,
Like Moses take that one yodel back
The brig was dark and dingy,
Call it an unexpected furlough
Till my luck it turned when this drunk,
I learned was commissioned with the USO.
Yodel . . .

Well, we traveled ‘round the world
From China to gay Paris
My yodel never let me down
Though I can’t say the same for me
I drank myself to sleep each night,
Guess I spent every dime I made
And don’t ask me why but the well dry,
Guess I’d led my yodel astray
Yodel . . .

You know I’ve been in the poor house
And I’ve lived like a king
And I don’t care what the bankers or the preachers say,
Hunger ain’t a noble thing
Plus I got these bug bites;
Itching me to no end
And when I look around, the only lesson found
Is my yodel’s been my only true friend
Yodel . . .

Now, I’ve settled down with this little gal,
Darnedest thing you ever did see
She’s a bit tone-deaf but cooks like a chef,
Best thing that’s happened to me.
Sometimes late at night
With moonlight on her frame
I like to pull her near, yodel in her ear,
And I can’t say she’s ever complained
Yodel . . .

© 2006 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved