The Great Awakening
by Steven Clotzman

Driving down this road hoping I might find the end
Gave this guy a ride. Said, now’s the time to make amends
Best take time for that, there’s paradise around the bend

Said his name was Roy, just got out of jail last week
I said that don’t sound so bad, at least they gave you something to eat
Roy said, better still, paradise is up the street

Two flat tires and oil’s low in the land of liberty
So I’m not so convinced of the spirit washing over me
Roy said, did I mention in paradise the drinks are on me?

So were at this roadside bar but they wouldn’t take my check
Asked ‘em where we were, they said, just two miles south of heck!
I said, Roy, paradise has become a real pain in the neck

See, I once had a girl told me she could see me rich
But rich or poor, I said, I still gotta scratch my own itch
Roy said, don’t worry friend, in paradise there’s just one hitch

Two guys at the bar said, Roy, this ain’t no Sunday school
Where, if he didn’t mind them saying so, all the teachers there are fools
Roy said, we're going to paradise driving this train of mules

Guy looked over at Roy, said what the hell you want from me?
I pay my taxes, wave the flag, and wait until the light is green
Roy just shrugged it off, said sometimes paradise is mean

Roy, don’t get me wrong you know I’m not the surly kind
But you go on and on and meanwhile so does time
So give a guy a break, I need your paradise defined

Say you do what you will to feel like a real man should
Then take Route 66 all the way to Hollywood
Get there, find it closed; that’s paradise . . . misunderstood

Sometimes I really think about the things Roy has to say
And where my dreams would be if I just sort slipped away
Then Roy says, take a right, there’s more paradise up the way

© 2004 & 2005 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved