Gravy Train
by Steven Clotzman

One and one is two, it’s true indeed
But arithmetic won’t help me find the cure that I need
I’m ailing from the past, and leery of dawn
And I can’t say which is worse, that’s the trip that I’m on
Put a man on the moon just to plant a flag
When almost everything I need’s in this paper bag
Got a wrench, a toaster, even an Great Dane
But I ain't got the address for the gravy train

Name is Bellow, Cyrus T. just like the Persian king
The road is my empire, so I ain’t got a thing
I could lie and say I’m faithful to the Lord up above
But my belly needs filling and I’m tired of tough love
I read that there’s a place way out in the east
Where every day you wake up to a beautiful feast
Some say I’m delusional, others say insane
But I’m making my way to that gravy train

Plato and Aristotle saw things differently
But some people will always find a way to agree
Problem is, up is never going to be down
For anyone born on the wrong side of town
Mom could take the weeds and turn ‘em into stew
But Dad, he always had his own idea or two
Said, I got Greeks on my mind but death on the brain
Living to catch up with the gravy train

The man behind the curtain is a fantasy
There isn’t even a curtain as far as I can see
The things that bring you up will always let you down
Some cry with a smile, others laugh with a frown
Sometimes I think it’s best to leave the past behind
Along with all the things that you hoped to find
Take care of yourself, stay out of the rain
Always keep one eye on the gravy train

Once upon a time there was this woman I knowed
The cards that she held seemed like the cards that she showed
She said, I’ll be for you if you’ll be for me
And we set out on a trip across the seven seas
Now I’ve had a lot of time to learn the tricks of the trade
But she found a way to spend all the money that I ever made
Left me hung out to dry in lover’s lane
For the hope and the promise of the gravy train

© 2005 & 2010 Steven Clotzman - all rights reserved