Steven Clotzman is a writer, musician and teacher.

He is the author of more than 500 songs. His 30-year body of work reflects a variety of influences from blues, folk and rock-n-roll to country and Western, and jazz.

Clotzman's notable songs include Runaways, A little bit like you, Indiana Toll Road, and The Death of Blind Lemon Jefferson. Recent collections include With Lefty at the piano, songs reworked for solo piano, Unfinished Blues, a homage to jazz guitar, and According to the Fish, his garage band nom de guerre.

Other work includes Old man in a chair, a cycle of plays about the last fictional Jew of Boyle Heights, and La casa de las llamas, a novel about the 1906 strike in Cananea, Mexico, and . He also is the author of stories, poems, and other novels and plays.